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A Flower Box Baby (Real Wedding)

Kelly Jo Smith- baby shower party

One year ago, today, I was delivering the biggest creation I have ever made. I was suppose to be delivering wedding flowers to Zephyr Lodge; a relaxed Tahoe wedding Sunday- one of the last before Everleigh was born, instead it turned into being the best weekend of my life.

What happens when your Florist goes into labor the day before your wedding and happens to be at another event herself when it happens? There are always these questions and you never really know the answer I feel until you cross that bridge. My whole pregnancy I kept thinking "what If?" I could have spun out of my mind, but each week I came up with a plan and each week we got to the next.

Saturday, July 22nd, after I had setup my centerpieces, 14 minutes after the Baby Shower started for a Friendor, my water broke while talking to her friend's (who happened to be pregnant also) Mother-In-Law. I carefully scurried to the grass and tried to make my exit strategy. My Friendor got my keys which happened to be on a table in the middle of what seemed to be a sea of a million people. Her Mom is a Pediatrician and experienced Mom, so I thought she could access the situation best. I talked her into letting me drive myself an hour to the hospital, so everyone else could enjoy the party.

After checking in and confirming I really wasn't a drama queen and that the liters of liquid was really my water, I had my own room in the Hospital. I left the Baby Shower to quickly to eat anything and when I arrived at the hospital they felt I would be having a baby so they put me on a liquid diet. About 7PM they decided I did not need to be on said liquid diet and allowed me to eat finally. IT WAS THE BEST SANDWICH, EVER!

The hospital bed would become Command Center for the next 3 days. I would quickly have to put together my plan for the Wedding Delivery tomorrow, arrange the pickup of everything I had just dropped off at the Baby Shower, email all the Client's awaiting answers and make sure the wedding in 7 days would be fine and go off without any problems. Oh yeah, and manage to not stress out while awaiting to have a baby.

July 22nd, besides being some Friend's birthdays, actually happens to be my Parent's wedding anniversary as well. After their Dinner and Show they came to the hospital after visiting hours ended. We made a plan for them to deliver the wedding for me and I would handle the baby situation. Emails and Phone Calls were exchanged in the morning and everything was handled so I could relax; as much relaxing as thinking about what I was about to do allows.

At 1:45PM my parent's call to let me know everything was delivered ok and the Bride loved her bouquet. My phone went straight to voicemail. I was a little busy. A few hours later and my parent's show up at the Hospital with my Grandma to meet little Miss Everleigh Admire. I was taken to surgery and well, what seems like a day so far in the future has become a year in the past.

I love spending every day with this Flower Box Baby. I think Everleigh has Wedding Flowers in her blood. She's the best copilot, Rose De-petaler, and greatest joy this side of the Sierras. I am so blessed!

Happy first Birthday Sweet Wildflower!

Wedding Photos by Chris Werner

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