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Moody Blue Lake Tahoe {REAL WEDDING}

Everyone knows Tahoe traffic in the Summer is undesirable at most; tourists, road construction, the influx of people enjoying one of God's treasures. The one thing that I appreciate about the extra time traveling, is that it reminds me to stop and enjoy this gift that God has provided. Working on the weekend when everyone else is playing sometimes is tough, but that blue gem really makes it okay!

Driving to this wedding was like every other Tahoe Summer Wedding with the addition of 5 road stops and construction zones. I always allow extra time for these predictable unforeseen moments and fortunately the couple and photographer had to deal with the same situation and were very understanding.

A Floral Affair-Moody Blue Lake Tahoe Real Wedding Bouquets

The sky was a little more dark, the woods a little deeper, the lake blue and moody. I had been looking forward to this wedding for the concept alone, but also because I would be working with Kay Kroshus. A girl crush of mine and I'm pretty sure of anyone else, who has come across her work.

Jon and Emily were so kind upon arrival; enjoying the day as it came and appearing to have no stress. The best kind of room to step into.

I brought the ladies their floral bouquets and showed them how to hold them properly. Always at belly button height for comfort and a pretty arm silhouette. The bouquets were White textural floral with Silver Dollar and Seeded Eucalyptus, providing a softness and mountain feeling.

The men had their jackets hung in their Suite, so I was able to pin on their boutonnieres. Pop on their jackets and they would be ready to go for their photos.

When we deliver personal flowers, we try and find everyone or leave the flowers in the good hands of a Coordinator. One of my favorite things is trying to find a member of the Wedding Family who has been honored with a Boutonniere or Corsage. Usually a man, with a cool unmistakable attribute. My favorite for 2017 was probably, the Dad with the killer mustache. Playing hide and go seek with someone that doesn't know they are playing, sometimes is more work than they realize. Stairs and elevators really allow for some good hiding skills!

A Floral Affair-Moody Blue Lake Tahoe Real Wedding Boutonniere

The Ceremony took place on the grass underneath the Iconic West Shore Cafe Arbor. One of my favorite reveals is when you walk through the gate and it opens into the grassy meadow area with trees and that Lake view. Gets me every time I set up!

A Floral Affair-Moody Blue Lake Tahoe Real Wedding Ceremony Arch

In doors, the Reception had Family style tables flanking a U head table. It was so different and unique to that couple. I have seen several setups, but never this design before. I loved it! Wooden boxes filled with White Hydrangea, Polo Roses, Baby's Breath, and Seeded Eucalyptus spilling over the edge sat on the table amongst clusters of Pillar candles in Hurricanes.

I am so thankful to be a part of each and every Couple's Wedding. I love seeing the Floral Vision and months of planning finally turn from a thought to a Reality.

Photography @kaykroshus

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