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Thoughts of the Floral Designer While Designing

My friend, Stacey Sunday, from Cake on Sunday originally last year had a similar blog post entitled 50 Thoughts Every Caker has While Caking dated April 9, 2014. She had modeled it after

Thoughts Every Jogger has While Running. Both are amazing posts you should check out if you want a chuckle.


I thought it was hilarious. She had mentioned to me that I should try it sometime. It has taken me a whole season, but here it is.

My Husband and my Dad always ask me what color my towel is because I am super random.....I don't think this blog with help my case.

Welcome to my brain!


1. You start hand stripping roses. Who does this? I do this. This must be why I have rough hands. Are they man hands? I need lotion.

2. I don't like this.... Nope, not in love. Ah, now I love it. I'm soo good!

3. I wonder if anyone else talks to themselves when they design? Ok, today on A Floral Affair..... (Embraces TV show voice)

4. Dont put your knife down! A good florist holds their but dont cut yourself. Ok, yes, you can put it down.

5. Coffee sounds good. Oh yeah (suprised voice) I made some. Where is it? Eh, a leaf doesn't bother me. Its natural. Mmmm its soo cold. Ah, ok what's next?

6. Score! Another stem at the bottom of the bucket. Yep! That stem made all the difference. So PRETTY!

7. Who designed this(disgusted voice)? Oh yeah, I did? Who designed this(happy voice)? I DID! so PRETTY!

8. This is my favorite flower. Ooo...THIS is my favorite flower. Look it's so pretty. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FLOWER. Okay....they are all my favorite. You can have more than one favorite, right?

9. He loves me, he loves me not......he loves me! I knew he did!

10. BUCKET! Ugh, my socks are wet. I dont have time to change my socks. Eh, sockless it is. Do I take the other one off? Its not wet.

11. Look its a Mamie Eisenhower tulip. This wedding is so blest! Must tell Bride its a Mamie Eisenhower. (A white carnation with red mark.)

12. Why do people hate carnations? I love them. They are January's flower. I was born in January. Does that make me love them biproxy? They last long. They smell nice. They come in so many colors! I must start a support group for Carnations.

13. Why did you break rose? Do you not want to go to the party? It will be fun, I promise! All your friends are going. Let's fix you up!

14. How is this going to fit in the cooler?

15. How is this going to fit in the car?!

16. I love my new clippers. Look at how they cut! Don't loose them this time!

17. Next week is going to kill me. THINK about this week!

18. I can't believe it's almost June! Its not. It's May 22nd. Two more weeks, take it slow.

19. THAT is pretty! TAKE A PICTURE!

20. Hmmm.. I have more photos on my phone of flowers than my dogs or husband. Ok, maybe just my husband. I need to set up a photo shoot. *mental note*

21. I wonder who's baking the cake? ....mmmmmm cake. I should make lunch. Is it time? Do I have time?

22. Hot glue. Appropriately named!

23. 1, 2, 3, 4,......1,2,3,4... 4 bouquets ah, ah, ah!!!!

24. Great my other sock is wet.

25. I am so lucky this is my job. Who gets to do this? I do! I am lucky.

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