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Picnic at The Elm Estate {Styled Shoot}

We provided floral accents for The Elm Estates' Pride Month Styled Shoot which more details can be seen on their Blog.

Participating in this Reno Shoot was such an honor. I'd love to think that everyone has such exquisite snacks, chocolate, and flowers when they decide to hold a Picnic. Upon arriving I was blown away by the styling by the Elm Estate and Britton of BLFT. The layers of pillows, Lanterns, and Wooden Surfaces looked so inviting.

I love how the light hits the Pampas Grass and compliments the sunny yellow blouse from BLFT and cheese and fruit board from Round About Catering.

We used Dried elements for all of the flower elements. It was an exceptional option to tie in the turquoise linens from Creative Coverings. Also, being a Styled Shoot it allowed us the ability to use elements we perhaps wouldn't use in our wedding work, Dried Elements are brittle and need extra care. On a positive note there is not water to worry about spilling, as well, as a diverse color palette.

The Garden and Standard Roses in the preserved option we offer are perfect for keepsakes. They photograph tremendously while having Brilliant colors.


Model: Gage +Daniel

Venue/cocktails: The Elm Estate

Hors d'oeuvres: Round About Catering


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