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White and Champagne {Real Wedding}

I've lived in the Carson Valley for 31 years and although I can remember going to Round Hill Pines for a beach day in Middle School, I'm not sure how much time I've really spent at Lake Tahoe enjoying the sand between my toes and the amazing view. Having grown my wedding and event floral business and really embracing Lake Tahoe as a destination for weddings I've spent more and more time there. 2021 will be my 10th wedding season and I swear that view never gets old.

This particular wedding at Round Hill Pines on the Zephyr Cove side of Lake Tahoe was stunning. As a Florist I'm always nervous about having to chase decorations down during the 4PM wind shift. This day, It was the most perfect day with just enough heat and wind to cool you down.

For the Bride's Bouquet we paired White Blossoms and Foliage pulling in a more wildflower, yet elegant feeling to match the Mountain Elegance Vibe the couple was going for. The bouquet was composed of a base of White Hydrangea with Polo Roses, Cosmos, Baby's Breath, and Spray Roses poking through the canopy. Feather and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus soften the shaped, draping from the bouquet.

The ladies held a smaller more refined version of the Bridal Bouquet. When speaking with Client's I suggest they envision their kitchen dishes in their mind. Their bouquet being a dinner plate size, while the maids carry a bouquet reminiscent of a salad plate. It allows for distinction between the ladies; however, not lacking the luster they each deserve.

The Ceremony was held down on the private section of the beach under the Timber Arbor the venue provides. Two arrangements were placed; one on the left Crossbar and Post, while the other set on the right Post. At A Floral Affair we strive to be mindful of the images that are going to be taken, as well as, of the people who will be standing next to and under the designs we create. Nothing looks worse than a flower picking a Groom's nose or a floppy piece of foliage attacking the Officiate. The blossoms and foliage of the designs tied back to the Bridal Party offering a cohesive and complete look.

Guests found their name on the Escort Chart rented from Tahoe Elevated Events that was stationed at the top of the stairs greeting guests as they came to the Reception. We fashioned an arrangement to clip onto the chart and add an accent of floral and foliage.

Metal Lanterns in various colors and sizes with clusters of Floating Candles in Clear Hurricanes adorned the Welcome Table, Gift Table, and other various stations around the Reception.

Wood was also a repeated element seen in the Escort Chart, Name tags on the plates, and table numbers. The Sweetheart Table had a similar version of the centerpiece, with the addition of her Toss Bouquet.

Photography: B & B Photography

Rental Decor: Tahoe Elevated Events


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