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Emerald Velvet Dress

Perhaps, I'm too easy to excite or I'm predictable, BUT when a Photographer texts you and asks if you'd like to participate in their shoot and they use the words Emerald Velvet Dress, you can bet ya I want to be involved. Two photographers did an engagement shoot for a Client and we made a luscious bouquet of Roses, Sweet William, and Phalaenopsis Orchids. Foliage elongates the bouquet and breaks up the blossoms providing a Lake Tahoe Mountain feeling.

That Rust ribbon and Mustard Orchid get me every time. I love the light of the images and how that Dreamy Velvet Gown act as a perfect backdrop to contrast against the lighter blooms. I've always loved Velvet- my curtains and favorite pillow are made of them, but something spectacular happens when it's a long flowing gown in Winter. That Emerald tone is GORGEOUS and against the snow capped mountain.. Just stop!

Photo by: Alley Rose Co.

Models: Sami and Jeff

Makeup: Alisha Perry

One of my favorite moments upon delivery is stepping into the Bridal Suite and seeing the hair and makeup; ladies getting ready for what is about to come. For some reason its the gowns on hangers that really set the stage for me. Seeing the color and material gets me so excited when I place their bouquets. I went back in our archives of events and found some more amazing Emerald Velvety goodness to share.

This Dancing Pines event captured by the amazing Kay Kroshus will always stick in my mind as one of our more memorable events. For several reasons we love it, but mainly spectacularly because I made the back of the delivery van into the flower shop during a snow storm, and didn't get frost bite and oh yeah, that lush Emerald Velvety goodness! I love how the colors pop against the green backdrop, even the ferns just sparkle.

These Bridesmaid's dresses sure bring out the Winter Mountain Wedding feeling of this Granlibakken wedding nestled in the forest of Lake Tahoe. The Bridal bouquets were a mix of White and the softest Blush Roses. Baby's Breath, Seeded Eucalyptus and Pepperberry foliage completed the bouquets. The ladies had the softest Brown fur to tuck their fingers into while they stood with snow falling during the Wedding Ceremony. I love the different cuts the gowns had allowing each maid to have their own style while fitting their body shape, That shimmer is so rich and the reason I LOVE Emerald Velvet!

Check out these images from Nemus Photography. I always love looking through her Wedding galleries. It's so stinkin' hard to pick our favorites. I love working with her and always know my Client will receive a quality gallery with tons of detail shots (my favorite) with the flowers, but also a true representation of the day,. Clear images showing true color and a darn good time!


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