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Pantone Color of the Year- Living Coral

Every year Pantone picks the Color of the Year and every year, I patiently await for my Client's to incorporate the color into their Wedding Designs. The trouble is, most Clients start planning their wedding months before Pantone unveils their choice, so we are always a year or more behind when the color starts melding into the local wedding scene.

Pantone has elected Living Coral as the Color of the Year. Honestly, I have done several weddings over the years with Coral as the main color choice and I couldn't be more thrilled. Besides Dresses and Lines, Floral is an incredible way to incorporate Coral into wedding designs.

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 Living Coral 16-1546

Beside using the Floral Fan Deck to show Client's which flowers are available in a given color, my other favorite source to show Clients floral availability is the Fifty Flowers website. They allow a Client to browse by flower type, but even better, they allow a Client to search by color. There are so many fantastic options and it is so helpful for me as a Wedding Florist for a Client to be able to see shade, flower shape, and season. Most people tell me that they hired me to be the professional and trust my judgement, but some Client's want a more hands on approach and to choose their floral. This allows them the option of being visual in control of flower choice.

Fifty Flowers- Coral Options

For our Summer Bride who wanted to use Coral and Warm Tones for her color palette, we chose several shades of Coral, Burgundy, Orange, and Peach flowers. A few years ago I stumbled upon the Kahala Rose. Not only is it fun to say {and let me promise you I say it a lot when it's in the shop} but it offers a ruffly romantic full blossom. It is a fantastic affordable option compared to a Peony or Garden Rose. I highly recommend it as a Coral Blossom.

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