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A Day to Play in Hope Valley Styled Shoot with Elevated Events and Harmony Hilderbrand Photography

It seems a shame to make flowers for a few hours of enjoyment without any photography or further enjoyment, so when Elevated Events asked me to do some flowers for their booth at the Lockett Wedding Faire in Reno, Nevada, I suggested we rope Harmony Hilderbrand Photography into playing with us the day after and capture the moment.

{(Angelina at Elevated Events and I agreed that we both see Botanical and Gold as a trend for 2019. We pulled together this look with her Gold side tables and Emerald Velvet Couch, which is so yummy! Gold candlesticks, white lanterns, mossy covered books and gilded pumpkins finished the look. Sword fern and Commadore are the perfect pops of green against the perfectly open Polo Roses)}

Botanical Look with Gold and Velvet Green Couch

The thought of location came into play. Hope Valley and the gorgeous fall leaves came as an idea for the perfect backdrop. The opportunity to play in Mother Nature, our gorgeous backyard, was a huge selling point to all of us. We might be in luck or the perfect window of time might have just passed. The yellowing of the valley is such a hit or miss.

{(The Rose Gold Sequin table runner was a jump off point for this little sweetheart vignette. It paired perfectly with the Blush Chargers and Mis-match China Collection place settings. I'm a sucker for weird flowers, aka Pitcher Plant. I thought the softness of the Open Polo Roses and the oddity of the Pitcher Plant made for a great companion.)}

A Floral Affair compote against Sapphire Couch

{(COLOR! I love fall colors. This orange and hot pink against the Sapphire Blue Velvet Couch makes my heart pitter patter! )}

The day after the wedding fair, the trailer was loaded up with furniture; the van with flowers and we headed out. We let Hope Valley inspire us and found the perfect meadow to set up vignettes in. The yellow seemed far removed from the road and the thought of carrying tables, arches and babes out over fences and over rocks, really seemed to be a chore. I think something that often has oversight is the amount of time and strength required to set up for an event. I can say I was so happy to have a wagon to wheel around. Against time and the sun slowing setting we set up several vignettes and played as Wedding Professionals due. Finding some sort of cathartic joy in the set up and take down of events. Perhaps, next time we will have a well deserved mani pedi day.

Copper Arch with Inspired Balloon accent and foliage

({Watching the kids play with and chase the balloon clusters across the field was quite the sight to see. I appreciate their enthusiasm and excitement for balloons. I think that we all become kids at heart when we see balloons. I love that balloons are becoming a part of Weddings Decor. We used the White section of the deconstructed Rainbow Arch that Inspired Balloon made for the wedding faire. We decided to use the Copper Arch as a king's table frame. The wood of the farm table compliments beautifully the copper poles. })

She believed she could, so she did. We are three Boss Moms/ Mompreneurs/ Lady Bosses. Whatever you want to call us. It was fun to have the kiddos in toe and play for the day.

# BossLadies

Decor/Styling: Elevated Events

Balloon Artistry: Inspired Balloons

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