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Colorful and Tahoe Blue Floral (Real Wedding)

I'm not sure Brides completely understand why when they inquire so far out from their wedding that I respond we book the starting in October for the year prior. Well, as a one woman show it's hard to say what each year will bring. My husband and I tried for 7 years to get pregnant before we were able to with Everleigh. There were many bumps along the way before she came. With having to turn to IVF as a last resort it was hard to say what the year ahead would hold for us.

A Floral Affair Lake Tahoe Wedding

The first 2017 wedding A Floral Affair booked was for this amazing couple and now Friendor, Jessica at Engaged Life. At their first consultation in the Incline Starbucks I fell in love with her and her husband's personalities and clear love for each other. It was hard not to, the poor guy shows up with his arm in a sling, nose broke and bruised. A major trooper for coming to Tahoe for the weekend to do a marathon of wedding consultations in that condition. In all seriousness he was hit by a car in San Francisco and we are all so glad he was not hurt more. At this point I had not yet transferred the embryo. With hopes they would book, we would cross the ‘maybe I need to tell them bridge’ at a later date.

As the months went on after they booked, the order started to grow and grow. Pinterest fever had hit Jessica and she had new and exciting ideas to add to the order. My excitement grew and grew for their wedding, along with my belly. At one point I was going to mention that my due date if Everleigh cooperated was extremely close, but I thought better not. I had plans in place to take care of the events up to and after the baby had arrived. I thought as long as the flowers arrived and setup was done there would be no reason to worry her.

Everleigh arrived, 5 days early from her expected due date, which left us 3 days before the flowers would arrive. We brought the shop home and right back to the original kitchen table the business had begun at 5 years prior. As Everleigh slept, I cleaned the flowers and got them ready for designing. The next 3 days would be endless hours of work and baby, baby and work and 1 well needed nap! My Assistant and I were able to get the flowers done and I couldn't have been more proud of her or the strength I had mustered to get them done. I could have passed the wedding off to another Florist. I could have said no from the beginning, but my hope is that Everleigh will know that a handshake and her word mean everything.

On wedding day I relaxed with the baby as my Assistant and Mom delivered the flowers to the most gorgeous Lakeside Estate in Dollar Point. A favorite spot of mine on Lake Tahoe. The photos, styling, and flowers are to die for. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I am so grateful for the friendship that has aspired.

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