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Burn the Boats

I am so blessed to be able to do what I love. I have worked in the Floral Industry since 2003 in various capacities, but never a job as HARD, yet FULFILLING as owning my own business. 2017 marked A Floral Affair's 5th year and 6th Wedding Season. With this being the Winter of my 5th Anniversary, it is super special to me. I finally feel like I made the right decision to burn my boats.***

Kelly Jo Smith, Designer of A Floral Affair

For the first 2 years of business I was working full time for another company, making someone else money and dreaming one day I would do it for myself. With my Husband, Family, and Friend's support I was urged to go full time and run A Floral Affair 24/7. Once I quit my 9/5 job with all the time in the world now to focus and grow the business, it was now a financial obligation to succeed.

Each season has its own hurdles and accomplishments, but I feel like I am finally able to say here we are, here we go, watch us grow! I am so excited for our 7th Season, our 6th year in Business! 2018 has lots of promise and I AM EXCITED!

***In 1519, Hernán Cortés and 600 men landed at a vast plateau, Mexico. They were about to embark on some of the world's greatest treasure and a land unknown to them. For 600 years conquerors had come to this land and embarked on a death wish. Those who had previously come to Colonize the Yucatan Peninsula had not succeeded.

He took his time to learn the land, instead of forcing his men into immediate battle and taking over cities. He used speeches to incite wonderment and a spirit of adventure. When learning about Cortés, there are 3 words that I have found inspiring. These 3 words, with a heavy weight, changed history forever. Cortés, as they marched inland to face their enemies ordered his men to burn the boats. For if they were on the brink of defeat there would not be an exit strategy. There was no safety net to save their lives. It ensured there was only two options; die or ensure victory.

We now know, they were the first men in 600 years to conquer Mexico. To live and tell the tale.

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