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A Flower Child is Born

We welcomed Everleigh Admire to the Smith family in July of this year. She is truly a Flower Child in every sense of the word.

I was on bed rest two weeks after the 2016 wedding season ended. It allowed me to sell and write proposals from home. I was able to work and train an assistant as week by week my belly grew. Shortly after April, Clients began asking when I was due. She was showing! Client's would get a kick the second time they saw me because they had no clue I was pregnant at our first encounter. Plans were in place for my Assistant to take over for me as my due date approached for anything unforeseen, as I had heard babies come when they want to come, no matter how much you plan.

A Floral Affair- Kelly Jo Smith designing
A Floral Affair- Kelly Jo Smith designing

In June, A Friendor of mine was also pregnant and had asked me if I knew of any Florist I could recommend to her for her Baby Shower. I refused to refer her to anyone else, it would be a labor of love and honor for me to do them for her. If I couldn't deliver the flowers and attend the shower as a guest, things were in place for someone else to take and set them up. We joked as the weeks got closer to her event that my water would break before or at the Shower. I couldn't make any promises, but I would sure try to attend. July 22nd, sure enough, 14 minutes after the party started, my water broke. It is now a bond that we will always have!

I had a wedding 3/4 of the way made in the cooler for a wedding the next day. My assistant came in and finished the wedding and got it prepared for the Delivery team the next day. I was giving instructions from the Hospital bed. Little did we know the Delivery would be the same time as Everleigh's arrival.

Three days after her birth, flowers arrived for the next weekend's weddings. The flower shop came home and the event flowers were constructed at my kitchen table. Many late nights for me (with a few naps in between) and my Assistant the flowers were made and delivered. I had not mentioned I was pregnant to the Bride as we had done correspondence by phone and email. I did not want to worry her. As long as the flowers were delivered and installed there was no problem and no mention of Everleigh was necessary. My Assistant said the Bride was a little shocked when she explained why she was there instead of me. She was so concerned I had been working and not taking care of myself. (So sweet!)

A Floral Affair- Everleigh Admire

I had the next 2 weeks blocked out for the baby's arrival. Ever after those 2 weeks in August she was been coming into the Studio and Office with me. All in all, 59 weddings were completed with a number of various other events. It has been such a blessing to be able to bring her with me. To watch her grow and develop everyday has been the greatest gift.

I will be taking maternity leave for the month of January and soaking up every minute I can. I am so thankful for the Brides and Grooms that have allowed me to be a part of their Special Day this wedding season. I am so lucky to be able to do something I love everyday and the greatest gift is to share it with her.

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Paper Flower Crown by A Floral Affair

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