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Styled Shoot with Harmony Hilderbrand Photography

I have always been told that being a Florist must be so much fun; playing with pretty flowers all day and making Client's happy.

I wanted to do this Styled Shoot with Harmony Hilderbrand Photography to show just how pretty and fun it is!

The opportunity of an empty room at my house knocked, a wedding was taking place, and I really wanted to play. So why not take photos! I did my hair, coordinated my outfit and jewelry and setup "the shop." We always joke as soloentrapraneurs working from home that we get dressed to greet the world, not for our work. The flowers don't mind pajamas, mismatched socks, or a hair bun. They don't mind my Corgis watching every move I make.

You see, for the first three years of my business I worked in my kitchen. An 8' x 10' room with not nearly enough counter space or room for my creative juices, so it flowed into the Office, the Garage, and the Barn my husband built specifically for my business.

This year is A Floral Affair's 4th wedding season. I am so happy to have a space for floral, a space for business. There will still be late night dance parties and 18 hour days, but I can finally separate home from business; shut and lock the door.

Making a bouquet or any Wedding Floral, starts way before the stems gets put in the bouquet. When the flowers arrive in boxes, there has to be buckets cleaned and ready to go with water. Preservatives and other Magical tricks need to be readily available. The bunches of flowers are cut and dropped in water- either stems individually or as the whole.

Each flower is placed in water and Processed as the variety needs. Foliages stripped, thorns removed, damaged blossoms, placed in smaller vessels.

The flowers are then separated into vases. Each bouquet gets it's own vase. The flowers are divided out until each design can be made. Attention then turns to making each bouquet perfect and presentable. Damaged petals are plucked.

Each bouquet is assembled, cut, and set aside until all designs are made. They then receive Ribbon and their final trim.

They live in the cooler until delivery day.

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