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Preparation Tips Before Consultation

Planning a wedding includes so many details; it often becomes cloudy and overwhelming before you see some clarity. Deciding the flowers that are perfect for your wedding should not be painstaking or difficult.

It is my goal to help you develop the vision you have. I love making each wedding its own and as unique and special as the Bride planning it.

I have put together some helpful tips to help guide you on your way before our inital meeting. There are 5 main concepts to think about to make our consultation as easy breezy as possible: budget, vision, color, dress, and for who?

1) Determine a Budget:

Determining a Budget always seems to be one of the hardest questions to answer, but also I find one of the most useful questions for your Vendors. Some people say it is taboo to ask a Client their budget for flowers. I; however, always ask.

Wedding Magazines state that 8-10% of your budget should be designated for Floral; however, not everyone's budget is created equally~ decor or photography might take priority over floral (which is okay to tell your Florist).

I like to know a range where a Client feels comfortable. It allows me to create a proposal that is useful to the Client. Instead of being hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars a part, the Client has something that is tangible. Pinterest has opened the doors on imagination, which is so helpful for the Bride who says she does not know what she wants. The inspiration is endless, but at the same time, it is not always feasible to pay for the designs desired.

When determining your budget, I suggest you consider what is reasonable and what you find as unreasonable to pay. Having a range, instead of a set budget, is completely acceptible.

Knowing the budget allows for the perfect choice of blossoms and scale of design, allowing both form and function.

2) Create a Vision:

You may not be able to decipher 100% the vision you are going for. The best way you can find out what you like is by tearing out magazine pages, using Pinterest Boards, etc.

If you are drawn to a picture, you don't have to love everything. I tend to find that Brides often have the same flowers or styles pinned multiple times on their boards. They say they don't know what they like, but allowing me to disect the photos and say, "hey, I see this trend in the photos." I can say you like x, y,z and this is how we can apply it to your Venue, your Color Scheme, etc.

Knowing what you do and do not like is very helpful. By allowing me to see everything, both likes and dislikes, you will allow me enough to see your vision. I can create the perfect floral for you wedding.

3) Color Concept

Generally this jumps off from the Bridesmaid's dresses, linens, etc. Once a color palette is decided there are 2 basic concepts for bouquets or overall tone.

1) A Monochromatic color scheme is using tints and tones of the same color.

2)A Polychromatic Color Scheme includes 5 or more colors.

Contrast between the lighter and darker flowers allows the flowers to be more visually stunning, adding depth and weight.

4) Consider Your Wedding Dress:

My philosophy is that the Bridal Bouquet is the ultimate Bridal accessory. It should enhance the dress and made a statement of the overall wedding.

Do you have pearl, crystal, lace detailing? What is the shape of the dress? Color? Type of Material? Is there beading on the bodice or a crystal encrusted belt?

5) Size Up Your Crowd:

You will need to determined what you are shopping for. Create a list of all the people you intend to have flowers for, # of Centerpieces, etc. Are they special people you would like to honor that necessarily aren't in the wedding party~ Siblings, Godparents, Grandparents? I suggest having a list with too many people that you can trim down, than forgetting someone. It is always better to have a talking point to run through, than to not mention it at all.

Looking at these concepts before your consultation will allow the maximum potential from our meeting and hopefully let any anxiety about Florals be at ease.

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