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Secrets to Beautiful Bouquets 2

I think when a Bride is trying to find the perfect Bridal Bouquet for them, they have to remember that the Bridal Bouquet is the ultimate accessory. It is something that enhances the gown, the makeup, the hair. It all works as this harmonious ensemble. Each beautiful in their own right, but not taking away or competing from the beauty of the other parts.

More common than not, a Bride says she knows nothing about flowers or types that are available. When trying to find the perfect bouquet for yourself, I always suggest taking a look at Pinterest. Familiarize yourself with trends. Do you like what is common? Does it make your skin crawl? Get know know what is out there! Most Brides say that this is their first wedding and they don't know what to do. The easiest way is to learn the culture.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When evaluating pictures look at 3 things:

1) Feeling of the picture- This doesn't mean does the Bride look happy or serious. It means overall, does it appeal to you? Do you instinctively like it or dislike it? If you know what you like or better yet, know what you don't like, it allows your Florist to close the parameters on what a perfect bouquet for you would be.

2) Color- There is always the fight between color or no color. It is a personal preference at the end of the day.

I always suggest going to your local harware store and getting paint chips. They show blends of color and you can easily visualize your palette. You can also share your palette with friends or other vendors that would need to know.

Be sure to take a White/Ivory/Blush chip like your Bridal Gown. Find the color of your Bridesmaid's Dresses.

Take other chips that you think you would like to have as flowers or other themes in the wedding. Cut the smaller chips into circles and place them against the Dress color. You can see the overall vision. It is amazing how placing the same chip next to different backgrounds changes the overall feeling of the color scheme.

3) Shape- Do you like the shape of the design? Do you like the overall roundness and perfection of the bouquet? Is it more textured and loose feeling? Does it cascade over the edge creating a waterfall of flowers?

Event if your color and your shape do not match in your pictures. Make sure you pin everything. I always ask to look at a Pinterest Board. I can spot similar flowers, shapes, or colors. I can make suggestions based on what I see. I like to find out what is important to the Bride. Then, we design the perfect bouquet. The trick is to realize you don't have to have 1 photo and that's it. You don't have to come to the Florist with the answer. Make us work! I would rather custom design a bouquet for a Client!

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