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Our First Blog Post!

I am so excited to announce this new avenue for A Floral Affair. I wanted to start a blog for a couple of reasons.

1) To share the beauty created by A Floral Affair.

2) I have always loved writing, but have never thought of doing it in this capacity.

3) To push myself out of my comfort zone. I feel that some times our best self is discovered in moments of ambiguity. When we are truly tested we can grow as individuals and become stronger.

4) I am an introvert by nature and have always been shy, but have wanted to express my inner creative side. A Floral Affair has allowed me the ability to be confident in myself and become an expert in my field.

I hope you come back and watch our journey, as A Floral Affair heads in to the 2015 Wedding Season. We are so appreciative of our past Clients, future Clients, and those that have been watching us blossom along the way. Without the love and support from you, the business would not be what it is today, nor going in the direction it is heading tomorrow.

Mountain Rustic

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