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Resin Bouquet Preservation

Before the wedding I knew that Bouquet Preservation was something I was interested in. Not knowing anyone locally in the Reno/Tahoe area I wanted give myself the best opportunity to be able to do it myself. Which proved really difficult. I have learned so much through trial and error that I am happy to finally be able to offer these services to my Clients that have been asking for referrals for years and end with a great result.

(This first Round Piece is my Bridal Bouquet and first attempt at Pouring Resin with Preserved Flowers- Its not perfect. I've cried over it for way too long. I still think it deserves to be shared, because although, imperfect, it's beautiful. I am trying to walk in the shoes I am teaching my Girls; to find gratitude when it hurts sometimes.)

I realized going through the process that I was being harder on myself than I needed to be. I'd show friends the product I created and although I wanted to throw it in the trash, they could see the beauty of it. It's art. It's not perfect, but it certainly gets the job done and should be appreciated.

While the preservation methods are somewhat frustrating, boy the Resin is even more temperamental. I've thought long and hard about if I should share my frustrations regarding the product, but to be honest, I think that is what makes the clarity and beauty of the project even more amazing. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

To inquire about Resin Bouquet Preservation or other Preservation methods we offer check out our page.


Bubbles happen. One bad layer in a 30 hour project can "ruin" a project. Bubbles are going to happen, no matter how long I sit and pop them, it never fails the second I turn my back they happen. I could drill them out, and honestly, I do my best to get rid of every single bubble, but I have really just come to terms with accepting the fact that there will be bubbles, no matter how hard I try to remove them all. They are just a part of the charm.

We offer other Floral Preservation methods (Preserved Floral Cloche | Pressed Frame Designs) that might be more up your alley that offer no possibility of bubbles.

Photos by my Talented Friend and Photographer, Harmony Hilderbrand


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