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NOLA Styled Shoot

When Phillip and I first started talking about a destination for our Honeymoon we tossed around a few places. Our list became very short when we realized we couldn't get flights for the week we needed. New Orleans, Louisiana, became the front runner. I have been years ago, the vibe, the music, the culture calls to me. Looking around the city and thinking about the décor of my house it made total sense to Phillip that my soul loves this city. Dark, Moody, Extraordinary, Lively!

Our Wedding was the in a sense nontraditional and I suppose our honeymoon also became nontraditional too. I wanted to plan a date night and "Pretty Woman" my Husband; book a photographer and have a gorgeous outfit laid out on the bed. Welp, I got scared a few weeks out and told him my idea. Being the man I love he said right on and helped me build upon the idea, eventually becoming what it was. I blindfolded him and fit the vest to make sure I had the right size. I probably didn't have to as he new of course, it would be black. hah!


As I age I am becoming more comfortable with who I am as a person. I've always carried the weight of being told I'm weird or 'make strange choices". I have never chosen anything for attention, as I was told I did as a kid. I was misunderstood and I have actually always chose the more normal or popular opinion

to avoid the criticism of family. I have found a man who loves me for my oddities and celebrates them. He has always said he's found my confidence sexy and well that's a new term for me to put on for size. I do not have to be anything less than myself for him and that's one thing I've really strived to help my girls with.

When I set up Photoshoots, etc. I tend to create a Persona because my life doesn't always allow me to dress how I want. With a 4 and 5 year old its hard to tend to my Garden as much as I like when I'm watering theirs. I always laugh when the Kindergarten thinks I'm a new person.

As I kid I loved fake nails and mascara, so those are always a given that I'll have sort of ridiculous nail that being a Florist doesn't allow. Even as I type this I love, yet regret them. And fake eyelashes are a funny thing for me and Phillip. I tried magnetic eyelashes for our Wedding... It didn't go great. Flapping eyelashes did help take the nerves away. The nerves literally blew away with the lash.

The head dress was first starting as a mohawk- which may come later- but turned more NOLA as I created it- half Vintage Ladies hat/ Pirate hat. The flowers are similar to our wedding flowers..

I love wearing my necklaces with T-shirts and thought they would compliment the dress cut well. They add a pop of Color and tie back to the Grandiosity of NOLA.

I was gifted a black lace spiderweb parasol for my birthday, which, I mean come on, just begged to come on the trip.

Phillip wore his wedding attire in addition to the Double Breasted Vest I gifted him and floral beard I created for him. He insisted I put the Teal Plumosa in, and I agree, it Pops!

How we Chose this location

After booking our session with Snappr and being hooked up with Rhonda at Pie Face Photography, I sent her 2 photos from our wedding photos with Carly Someplace and told her we were Moody and Dark. She suggested the location and boy, I felt completely understood.


Book a shoot on vacation! Play and let your imagination run wild! You will never be as young as

you are today.

Photography Service: Snappr

Floral: A Floral Affair Necklaces: Pebby Forevee

Dress: Shein

"Shirt": Spanx

Venue: New Orleans: 4800 Canal Street and surrounding areas

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