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Bride Design by The Bride's Clothing Line

Ya know how cool it is to have the last name Bride?

Some think it’s a PR Stunt, but it's actually just a really cool coincidence of Fate.

A few years ago, we were going on a Family Trip I was looking for Team Bride clothing to deck us out in. Matching outfits, a man's dream. Right?! Here I thought I was doing something so kind and sweet, but then again, I'm not a man with the last name Bride. It totally backfired on me. The cursive font and “pretty” design my daughters and I loved were not appreciated. Sure, the sentiment was, but I’m pretty sure that shirt got donated.

This created my hunt for the perfect BRIDE shirt. I’ve made a few, but then when I started branding for The Bride’s Floral Mortician, it hit me, and thus the BRIDE design was created.

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