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About the Business

A Floral Affair was built on the concept of No Minimums. No Boundaries. Just Creativity




I had worked in Flower Shops for 10 years and completed 4 seasons as a Wedding Specialist for the largest flower shop in Northern Nevada, when I decided to start my own business in 2012. At these flower shops in a single weekend we could have up to 25 weddings, losing the personalization and detail, as the order was passed through several hands. I have focused my business on seeing every detail through from the initial consultation, all contact (emails and phone calls), designing, and delivering. I believe the experience of the planning process should be as delightful as possible and not stressful. That is my goal!


Studio vs. Storefront

Because I do not have a storefront I order the flowers specific to the event, allowing the freshest floral possible.



No Minimums. Kelly works specifically within a budget chosen by the Client. There are no minimum orders. There is no budget Kelly cannot work with.


A-Floral-Affair-Bouquet-Preservation-Tori-Stanton-Photography-Resin-Heart (7).jpg

What we Create

A botanical art piece that is custom handcrafted to reflect all the beautiful details of your Bridal Bouquet. We offer Pressed, encased in Resin, or Cloche Designs.


Why we started Bouquet Preservation

I'm often told in Floral Consultations for our Fresh Designs that fresh flowers don't last, so Clients don't want to spend too much money. I am also asked to throw the flowers away at the end of the night because the Client won't be able to enjoy them on their honeymoon. Bouquet Preservation allows a Keepsake from the wedding providing a tangible memory to cherish for years to come.

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Your preserved bouquet is a timeless and elegant memory from your wedding day

How long does the process take?

approximately 10 weeks


Your bouquet is dissected and each blossom groomed to provide the best use/care in the design. The flowers are dried for ~8 weeks before being designed.


Why so long?


The flowers are dried several ways to assure beauty and use in the design. We make sure ALL the water is removed from the flower.


Resin is poured in several thin layers and to allow depth, but also for the integrity of the cast.


After the last cast has been placed, the project sits for a week to harden.


Once the item is ready we will setup a location and date for the pickup of the item or arrange for shipping

How to Prepare a Bouquet

On your Event day the bouquets should be placed in a cool space and water allowing you to bring us the most sturdy petals.


Bouquets need to be dropped off in water the Monday following the Event to assure the best quality of blossom for us to use.


We will not use every blossom in the project; however, it will allow us the highest quantity and best options to select for use. We will not return blossoms that are not chosen for the project.


Wear of the flower often shows up after it is dried and cast. Blemishes and Bruising happen from handling the blossoms. We use tweezers and minimal handling to care for the flowers while in our care.

*Through the Drying Process/Casting Process colors of the Floral blossoms can change from their delivered Fresh state, usually drying darker.


*Resin Casting is an art and although we strive for perfection bubbles and indentations may occur.


*Like art, Resin will yellow over time, we suggest it not be placed in direct sun or darkness to minimize and slow any discoloration. Clean with Mild Soap and Water.

Inquire about  Bouquet Preservation

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