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Behind Every Wedding Photo

Behind every wedding photo is a story. At the end of the year I have the privilege and honor of Brides sending me their Galleries to choose photos for our Social Media, Blog Posts, and the Look Book I create for the year to show new and potential Brides.

I love looking at Galleries to get to know the Photographers I work with. A photographer is usually the only Vendor we work with closely, besides Coordinator and Venue. It's hard to recommend a DJ we set up and tear down with when we don't hear their music or a Baker when we don't eat the cake.

A photo gallery allows us a body of work to recommend and really shows us what their photography style is. Do they get all the detail shots? Are they more focused on the people? Do they know how to shoot flowers? Can they balance a white dress and white floral?

Through these galleries I critique myself, what do I like about that design or not? How could I have done it differently? Sometimes it's a play book and I can see where I managed my time well or not. Sometimes it's a reminder, did I do that wedding? I can't remember designing when its the thick of Summer.

Sometimes its a reminder of the very first wedding when you had a black and white order and the wholesaler sent you Red, Yellow, and Hot Pink floral. Its the tactile reminder that you are a BADASS no matter what the universe throws at you, you are the one with the story and not the Bride. It's the reminder that you overcame the flowers being delivered an hour before the event and yet, there they are, right there front and center!

Every broken cascade, every wilted or tilted boutonniere has a story. Did the Bridal Party get a little too rowdy before the Ceremony and the dogpile on the Bride? Did she toss her bouquet and it hit the ceiling fan? Did the bouquet transfer 6 times before the Bride held it? Did a dog eat the flowers and now leave the wedding photos a little lacking? Did the Groom get thrown by all his best pals, leaving the boutonniere flying off into the clouds?

With every crazy story is equally the sweetest moments captured by the photographer. A quiet soft moment between Mom and Bride; flower girls twirling in their dresses and hair crowns; a first touch between Bride and Groom.

We are so grateful for the photos sent to us. Every year I have created a Look Book that is dual purpose. The first to show Clients, but more importantly, its my memory., in those off Season moments when I feel like my Summer was whisked away and somehow it's November.

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