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Secrets to Beautiful Bouquets

Before starting A Floral Affair I had worked at a few different Flower shops. I would always have to take a moment and giggle when a customer would ask for 'something pretty,' as if that was going to change my design or intice me somehow to put a little extra in. I always had the mindset that I wanted to make sure every arrangement was something I was proud of and would give to my own Momma. I have found that there are 3 critical requirements when designing a bouquet that add that extra oomph and make the bouquet from pretty to WoW!

1) Caffeine: Whether it is hot or cold, as a Designer, coffee is a must! Followed by a Cherry Cola and then some more coffee.

2) Loud Music: Something with a beat, a little Bon Jovi, Jason Aldean, anything that gets the blood pumping.

3) Bewitching Hour: There is something about the 10PM+ hour that really gets my Creative on. Its the hour I find myself rocking out a little harder, getting a little more jittery and wired. My husband is asleep in bed, my dogs are groaning because they want to go to sleep, but wait for me. Once you push past 10, its midnight, 2AM, 4AM. Before you know it 6AM rolls around and you have to think about your first deliveries.

Stay tuned! For our next post, we will make suggestions of what we feel Bride's should consider to help them find the perfect bouquet for them.

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